Contemplating A Purchase-G4(dual) with Finale2004, Reason 2

A friend just told me about this product and I think I could greatly benefit. How will VD run with a Mac G4(dual 450) running Finale2004 and Reason 2.0? I haven't really seen anyone with this combo. If it is a simple Reason patch file then it will work fine, but I'm not getting a solid feel for exactly what is going on. Somebody let me know your thoughts.
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Pearsbaby- I think your Mac should do just fine. I would recommend at least 512mb RAM if you don't have it already. Also, while Reason is a cool program, I'd suggest you look into an actual sampler program that can import Gigastudio samples. If you decide to use Reason, you'll be stuck with having to load the soundfont version of Virtual Drumline which isn't nearly as powerful as the giga version.

Check out Kontakt or Kompakt as they both do pretty well with the Giga files.

FYI-Virtual Drumline ships with both the Soundfont and the Gigastudio versions in the same package so you can chose either platform.

Finale 2004 will work just fine. If you haven't yet decided on a notation program, there are some quirky things about using Finale that make it more of a hassle over Sibelius (in my opinion). But if your set on Finale, it'll still work just fine.

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