Smooth Rolls

I've been using VD for a couple of months now. It's a great product and really helps the development of my drum cadences. But..

I can't seem to get a realistic open roll sound. When I try "rrllrrllrrll" samples it sounds "uneven". When I use "rrrrrrrrrrr" or "llllllllllll" it sounds too mechanical. It have set my velocities (through Finale 2004a Midi Tool) to be the same for all notes. I've even tried different velocities, thinking I might be right on the "edge" of different samples.

Do you have a reference of velocity vs. "stick height" samples?

Any help or direction will be......helpful and directive!?

Update..... I did a test where I used 128 distinct notes (8 measures of 16th notes) and scaled the MIDI velocity across all notes (from 0 to 127).
The resultant sound is very "quantized", and not what I expected. I have mp3 and pdf files from this experiment, but I'm not sure how to attach.

If I do this same test using my SoundBlaster (live OEM 5.1) software keyboard and adjust the velocity from there, it sounds more even. Is this a SoundBlaster issue?[/img]
do know how to use the TG tools to make diddles "diddle"?
Yeah, I know how to do that.

The only problem is, I can't get the TG "Smart Playback" to work along with dynamics. If I apply smart playback, all of my dynamics are wiped, and I can't seem to get them back.

I'll admit I'm still learning Finale, but this seems like a bug to me.

Anyway, are you saying that smart playback makes a more even sound?
I'll have to try a test.

Thanks for the reply.
ive encountered the same problem with dynamics and other playback effects, but they are inconsistent problems, so far using tg tools sounds pretty even, no more uneven than someone playing live anyway
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