VDL Sibelius Template Question

OK--possibly a stupid question, but maybe not. To use the template, do you have to load it from the VDL disk each time you want to use it? When I use it and make chnages of course, it saves it--duhhh!!! ya follow me? just curious--it's really not that big of deal to load it from the disk.

Also, when ADDING DRUM PARTS to an existing WIND score, is there a way to import the template it? Or would it be easier to just copy and paste the WIND PARTS on top of the VDL template? Thanks in advance for any responses!
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Chris - no, you don't have to load the template each time. In fact, most users choose to start with the template, then add other staves (pit, winds, etc). Once you've completed a project on that score, do a "save as" and use it as a template for future projects. This way you have a score that is personalized for your specific needs.

Rather than importing your drum score into an existing wind score, I suggest you do it the other way around. Sometimes the percussion mapping in sibelius (staff types in house styles) can get messed up when you export/import. You'll have better results adding wind staves to your Virtual Drumline template. Start by entering in all time signature changes, and making sure you have the correct number of measures. Then simply copy the music from the original wind score, and paste it into your newly created staves.

hope this helps.
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