Kontakt responds to mod wheel?

How do you set up the samples in Kontakt so that mod-wheel changes actually trigger different samples?

I am using Finale, and I'm not using the pre-defined key-maps, so the help file doesn't really help me. I have basically set up all new keymaps myself, using the individual Giga Studio samples, so that I can input notes using the "speedy entry tool" without confusion. I'm mostly just concerned with [b] how the mod-wheel actually works [/b] so that I can understand more about how these programs interact.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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If you did a direct import of the GIGA files into Kontakt, the mod-wheel layers (called 'groups' in Kontakt) should be there. However if you've moved the mappings around, it'll be important that you've moved all of them, otherwise your results could be less than desireable.

When Kontakt imports giga files, it doesn't do it perfectly. As a result, it creates some abnormal groups that don't really need to be there. It's fairly harmless, but if you are attempting to remap the programming, it could cause some headaches.

If you want to use the mod wheel from within Finale, you must do so by entering in a controller message. This is done in Finale with the MIDI tool. Finale's manual is pretty good about explaining how to use this tool. the mod wheel would be controller #1, and your midi values would range from 1 (mod wheel all the way down) to 127 (all the way up).

Keep in mind, if you enter a mod wheel change (for example, to get a crescendo buzz rather than decres), you'll want to enter another mod wheel change, to return the mod wheel back to its normal setting if you intend for your next buzz roll to decrescendo.

hope this helps!
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