Key Velocities-Accents (Drum Regions?)


I am using Finale 2003, Reason 2.5, and windows XP home. I have noticed in NN-XT advanced sampler (the device used to load soundfonts in reason), that there are multiple regions of samples. What does this mean? I also noticed that they are in correspondence with key velocities, which brings me to my next question.

When recording the soundfonts with SCV, did you record multiple heights (volumes) for each drum? I noticed that the pitch, texture, and timbre changes slightly at different key velocities as it would in reality. For playback that is more realistic, what key velocities do you suggest for various heights i.e. 127kv for full, 95kv for 12”, 72kv for 9”, etc?

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Yes, I think the soundfont regions determine different velocity ranges for different notes. Some have more velocities than others (up to 16 different velocities).

The SCV recordings were recorded at a great range of velocities. So the samples assigned to lower velocities are actually recordings of softer hits played by the Vanguard drumline sections.

Seems that the lower notes (6" or less) sound best when set to a velocity below 70. I think you might be able to set your accent velocity alteration (percentage differences in relation to dynamic marking) somewhere in Finale, but I'm not totally sure.


Thanks for you help. I have one more question. First, you set the key velocities in the articulation palette. Select the articulating then edit and you can change it from there. My goal is to program some parts I am writing as realistic as possible. So, I want to assign accents that not only represent the volume change, but the texture of the drum as well. With that said, do you know where I could find the appropriate key velocites per height recorded. Meaning, when I program a phrase that uses 9" to 6", I want it to use the sounds that were recorded at 9" and 6" by SCV.

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Hey Robbie,
At SCV, we don't really focus too much on inches as strict definitions, but rather use terms like piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, etc. As a result, a MF in one chart may be different than a MF in another. Generally, the dynamics will be determined by the music and mood.

When we recorded the SCV line for the Virtual Drumline sessions, we had each section play 16 different hits (with each hand), and each successive hit would be slightly louder than the previous stroke. As a result, we have a wide range of volumes. Nothing specifically assigned to 3", 6", 9", etc though.

I guess that doesn't really answer your question, but I guess my point is that you could probably just assign this yourself within Finale based on what you hear, and how you like your approach to dynamics to sound. That's the cool thing - you can personalize it to your needs since there is such a wide change in velocities.

im using finale 03, and a sound blaster, is there any way to adjust the velocities of a certain sample without using the articulation tool?
You'd have to actually re-program the soundfont to do that globally.

You can, however, adjust the velocity of selected notes in Finale by using the MIDI tool, clicking the bar in question, selecting the velocity button, selecting the requested notes in the window to adjust, then going to the MIDI menu, selecting 'set to', and entering the midi velocity value (1-127) there.

Yes, it's a pain the way Finale does this, but it is possible...

[quote="Jim Casella"]You'd have to actually re-program the soundfont to do that globally.[/quote]

how would i do that?

Thanks for all of your help so far. I have a few more questions. You said that you recorded 16 different strokes (starting soft to hard). Were the strokes consistent in volume change? If you had to define a height (by a ruler), how would you define the first stroke? Did the strokes exceed the realm of wrist turn? If so, where did this take place according to the strokes (1-16)? How would you define the last stroke?

I know my questions seem over analytical, but my goal is to achieve the most realistic playback possible. I appreciate your help so far!


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