KONTAKT UPDATE (version 1.5.2) available

Now available from Native Instruments, the latest update to Kontakt (version 1.5.2) is downloadable for free for registered users of Kontakt.


New Features:

-Multiple dimension controllers with AND/OR/ AND NOT connection
-Inverter module (pan, phase)
-Exclusive Poly Mute Groups
-Global voice count / DFD display / CPU
-Giga batch converter (multiple instruments)
-Release time voice stealing editable in structure view
-Enhanced compressor mode


Improved Giga import
-Find samples improved (interactive mode)
-Set multiple zones to loop mode at once in mapping editor
-Akai batch convert (complete CD !)
-DFD Cache button
-Group selection & Edit All saved in preferences/registry
-DFD performance enhanced on OS-X
-- Save in 1.5.1 format
-- Lock Memory to protect samples for being swapped to disk
-- Steal voices if CPU is higher than .. %
-- Group selection & Edit all saved
-- Ignore filter when importing Giga files
-- Capture keys and scroll wheel from host

Bugs fixed:

-Akai batch convert (complete CD !)
-DFD noises on dual processor MACs
-Random DFD noises and crackles
-QuichSearch problems
-'Auto-Find' & 'Find' in Panther
-Network access demand. Kontakt lets the user disable network drive scanning now.
-In Sonar the correct knob turns on Kontakt but the numerical field doesn't change.
-The date column is missing in the lower browser window.
-Audio outs limited to 12 mono or 6 Stereo
-Stepmod number of steps problem
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