Maple MIDI Tools download page

The website has apparently changed somewhat. For users looking for access to the freeware [b]Maple MIDI Tools[/b] program it can be accessed here

This is a great little utility that will allow your Sibelius or Finale program to access your sampler program (Kontakt, Kompakt, Reason) and treat it as if it were a separate MIDI device..
Thanks Bill! Indeed the Marblesound website is back up. It's nothing fancy, but the maple midi tools download link can be found at:

I clicked on that link and it took me to what looked like a broken page. The good news though is that if you look towards the top, you will see a link for Maple MIDI Tools and also a link to their other downloads.
That page is gone now too. It looks as if Marblesound is undergoing some changes. If we learn any new news, will post it here
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