Kompakt as standalone in MacOSX 10.2

I am having an incredible amount of difficulty getting Kompakt recognized as a device in Sibelius 3. I read the sticky in the forum for Panther, but I can not find any similar Inter-Application Communication drivers on my computer in 10.2.
I downloaded the MIDI Patchbay but have had no success in figuring out that software. Is this a necessary component that is needed for Kompakt to communicate with Sibelius or is there something else I should be doing? I can hear all of the correct sounds when inputing notes into Sibelius but get nothing on playback. I have checked the channel settings over and over again and they seem to be ok. I can't seem to get anything related to Virtual Drumline to show up in my devices. Thank you very much for any help and sorry if it has already been addressed somewhere in the forum.

I knew I should have gotten that computer science degree.
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Don't worry...once you have your system all up and running, it's not so bad. It's probably just a little new for you right now.

If you're using Jaguar (10.2.x), you should use MIDI Patchbay. It sounds like you have it installed properly since you're hearing sounds when inputting in Sibelius. Those sounds you're hearing are coming from Kompakt, so that's good...

In Sibelius, check the devices window, and be sure that MIDI THRU is checked.

You won't see anything "virtual drumline' related in your sibelius devices. MIDI patchbay is the device that will allow sibelius to access kompakt, which then plays the sounds.

There's a new Sibelius 3 template and sound sets coming soon, so stay tuned to the forum here for more info. Those should help eliminate some confusion.

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