Kontakt on Mac not recognizing .gig format

Kontakt is not showing any samples with the .gig file extension. Is there a way this setting could be turned off? Thanks.
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It depends which version of Kontakt you are using. The most recent update is version 1.5.2 (as well as its new DFD extension), and vastly improves performance on the macintosh platform.

In general, gigastudio files will probably display as "unknown" format, so be sure to set Kontakt to show filetypes of "unknown" (accessed from the "tools" button).

Once you've located the gigastudio file, you'll want to load it into the Kontakt rack, then save it as a new .nki (kontakt) file. Once you've done this, you won't have to mess with loading/converting giga files each time. You'll instead load the kontakt version.

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