Sound Quality

I am experiencing problems with the quality of sound. It sounds as if there is too much reverb or delay. I am getting a tick after a single tap. My set up is Sibelius, Maple Midi Tools, Kontakt, VD. Platform Windows. 2.2 ghz. XP 700+ megs of ram. 40 gig HD with 10 gig of space free. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
I've been thinking about this one, and i'm not quite sure why it's happening. If you haven't already done so, i'd recommend trashing the .nki files i sent you, as well as any new multis that you've saved. Then RE-load the original .nki files i sent, and try them fresh.

Here's one more thing that dawned on me. Make sure the midi input in Kontakt is ONLY set to receive input from maple midi. If it's hearing input from maple (sibelius), as well as your input keyboard, it's possible that you're hearing both those input sources with some latency between them.
I'm not sure what this might be. One thing that is recommended is to upgrade to the latest version of Kontakt (version 1.5.2) as well as NI's latest version of the DFD driver. You should be able to download from

If that doesn't seem to clear it up, it's possible that you may have altered some of the sample's settings in Kontakt's editor (reverb or delay). If these settings may have been altered, you might be best off re-loading the original instruments, then re-saving them with no alterations.

let us know if you're successful in fixing the problem.
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