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After hours and hours of trying to install and get everything to work properly, I still can't figure out one thing. I have Sibelius 2 and a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card. I dragged the virtualdrumline.txt file to the sounds in Sibelius and that works fine, but I can't get SoundFont to work. No matter how I set the sounds I always hear the drumline stuff being played on piano. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
-Ryan Young
If you haven't already, this video is quite informative in discussing soundfont installation. Bear in mind, if you have a newer version the Audigy card, you may not use AudioHQ, but rather "SoundFont Studio" that may be available in your 'Creative' program folder.

A few other things to check:
SIBELIUS DEVICE: In the 'devices' window in Sibelius, check that your soundblaster audigy is available. Then go to your 'mixer' window, and click "reset sounds". Once you've done this, you should select that as your playback device for each battery track you want to access the soundfont.

In the 'mixer window, these settings are crucial:
BANK: Which bank on your audigy card did you load the soundfont into? This will need to be accurate to work properly. If you loaded the VDrumline.sf2 file into bank 001, set the "Bank High" field (in sibelius mixer) to "1".

CHANNEL: Each of your battery staves (snare, tenor, bass, etc), should be set to a unique channel: snares=channel 1, tenors = 2, etc.

PROGRAM #: Since you are using the soundfont bank, you'll also need to input these program numbers. Enter as follows:
Snares: 0
Tenors: 1
Basses: 5
Cymbals: 7
(also, you should verify that your sibelius is set to "list programs as 0-127". This is accessed by clicking the "display" button in the mixer)

DEVICE: For each track, you need to be sure this device is set to go to your soundblaster card. It may be called something like: "SB Audigy Synth A". If you're not sure, you should be able to check from the location you loaded the soundfont bank.

Thanks for all of the help, but it's still not working... I might have to reinstall everything for my sound card or something... I appreciate it though. Once I do that I'll let you know if it works or not... Could it maybe be a problem because I have the sound card on the motherboard, it's a c-media wave device, then i have my audigy card, and a digi001... I don't understand because I had it working previously, but all of a sudden not anymore. Thanks....
-Ryan Young
Using multiple sound cards may indeed have something to do with it, but I'm not sure. You might try verifying your settings in the "sounds and audio devices" control panel, to make sure the soundblaster card is the one used by your system. If anything, it should be your default MIDI music playback device.

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