Finale '03 audigy 2 probs

I downloaded the finale template and got all the fonts loaded. But, the template still plays piano and i cannot figure out how to get the vd sounds to work. i have my input and output midi devices on the audigy. i have the soundfonts entered into soundfont bank manager. Please help!

Thank you,
Check out this thread and see if it helps:
it seems like the sound works but the not heads have changed them selves from the normal circle shaped noteheads to this square note head on the snare line...this causes no sound to come out...and the tenor lines note heads have the circles but with a slash through it and the bass line note heads have triangles...this changed notehead stuff makes it so there is no sound.

thank you for your time,
I'm not sure, but the only way your noteheads would have started changing on you would be if you went into the actual mapping of each staff and altered it somehow. Of course it's possible there might be some bugs in Finale, but changing your MIDI settings shouldn't alter your noteheads. It's true that if the noteheads aren't correct, your sounds won't play back properly, so what I'd suggest is re-downloading the Finale template (, then re-entering your correct midi settings without altering anything else with the file. See if that helps, and let me know.

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