Finale Crash XP

I run Win XP on my system and I have 256 MB RDRAM and I use Finale. When I load my soundfont in, everything works fine. Well, sometimes, I'll be writing stuff and Finale will just crash without saving anything! I had a cadence finished and I was adding finishing touches like note heads and stuff, and it crashed! I lost everything! Is there any way you stop the crashes?
Which soundfont do you have loaded - full, medium, small? Your soundfont cache will reserve that amount of memory for soundfonts, and since you only have 256MB memory, there's a good chance that your crashes are simply due to not enough RAM. Install an extra 256MB RAM (total 512mb), and I'd bet you'll have much better results.

I'm having this problem with Sibelius from time to time. In fact, I called Dell. They had me run a system diagnostics test which said all is well. They think my operating system is starting to fail! And now they're having me reload my XP operating system tomorrow!!!
Save often.
[quote="denete"]Save often.[/quote]

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