Diddles on 16th notes

I'm not sure how to make Finale interpret diddles on 16th notes (or 16th note triplets). Setting the Human Playback Style to "Standard" gets everything but 16ths. I've tried TG Tools and was unsuccessful. Maybe I wasn't doing this right. There has got to be something simple I am overlooking. I'd appeciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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Switch to Sibelius. :)

Sorry. That's an old line for me that keeps coming in handy...

I'm not exactly how you'd do this in Finale. I've had success with the TG Tools method, but am not too familiar with the newer Human Playback feature.

You'd probably get a more concise answer from the good folks who make Finale. Check here: http://www.finalemusic.com/forum/

I'll ask around, but let us know if you learn of any solutions.
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