a couple things...

first, somehow my midi keyboard is now shifted down one half step. if i try to punch the g# for right hand snare hit, it gives me right hand shot. but the right hand regular hit is now on g natural. this goes for every voice. how can i fix this?

second, this one is for jim or adam. i bought kompakt a while ago. you may or may not remember a post i made on here about it crashing my pc everytime we started it up. we never could get that resolved, but we did find a way to get the sound fonts to all load (full library) on my soundblaster live card. i have no need for kompakt anymore and it wont work on my machine. any chance of returning it for a refund? if not, thats fine too. thanks guys.

btw, im using sibelius 3 and the oxygen 8

You somehow shifted your keys on the keyboard. I've heard of that happening. Easiest way to fix it is by simply resetting the keyboard. I don't know exactly how you do that, but I know it's very simple. Your Oxygen 8 instructions should be able to walk you through it.

Unfortunately returns of software are not permitted. You shouldn't be having those problems with Kompakt though, and I'd suggest you contact the Native Instruments tech support department at:

good luck!
yeah, i figured it out, i just unplugged it and plugged it back in. that solved it.

about the software. thats fine. we did contact native instruments, they gave us some suggestions, but nothing worked. my dad knows his way around a computer (thats a horrible under-statement) and he was never able to figure it out either. oh well. thanks anyway.
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