Bass clicks

Hello again. Your advice was so god last time I thought I'd come back again.
Anyways, I've been writing bass drum parts that I would like to have rim clicks in them, but I'm getting no sound out of VD on Kompakt for the bass' rim click. I've tried several different noteheads under Sibelius' "Properties" menu, but no click sound has resulted. If anyone could clue me in on a certain notehead type or position on the staff that I could use to get the bass click sound for each drum, I would really appreciate it.
Also, is there any way to note a tenor cross over sticking with a notehead that would not change the sound. I know how to put parenthesis around accidentals, but I can't get them around the actual note. Is there any other way to show crossovers? Thanks!
When you enter the rim click pitches in Sibelius (C4 and C#4), you should get an "X" notehead that appears on the middle line of the staff. Is that not the case? In the Sibelius template, C-sharp should be mapped to notehead #31, and C4 is mapped to notehead #32. Do you hear the rim click when you click on C4 or C#4 with your mouse (in Kompakt)?

Tenor crossovers:
In Sibelius 3, if you want to put parenthesis around a notehead, you simply go to the second keypad layout in Sibelius, and hit the "1" key on your computer's keypad. This is pretty quick and easy.

Changing the notehead in Sibelius will affect the playback, so that's not recommended. Many people just add an "x" to the sticking to indicate crossovers (i.e.: R L R R Lx R R L).

as far as tenor crosses go (in sibelius 3) I have discovered that changing the color of the notehead is pretty effective, especially red. Most people have color printers these days, so when you go to print just make sure that you selected "print in color" and it will come out great. To change the color of a notehead (in windows) simply right click the note and choose "change color"--it might say apply color, but you get the idea. you can then choose what color you want to make it. From there you can just select which notes you want to change and hit ctrl-shift-J (i think), and it will change those notes to the color that you have selected. I know that it's not the "traditional" way of doing it, but I find to be a pretty good way. It really makes the notes stick out. My kids seemed to like it that way to--they say it really helps. anyway--that's my 2 cents on that--hope it helps.
Color crossovers. Great idea! How would that print for people who only have a black and white printer. Maybe a little lighter? Anyway, that's an inventive solution. Thanks for sharing it!
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