Mapping for Puffies?

Hi guys, this question will hardly challenge you but here goes anyhow.

I have been successfully using VD with Sibelius and I'm even using your recommended #1 Sound Recorder to do CDs. But when I thought about the need to use the "Puffies" map, I kind of came upon a mental blank.

Where part of my percussive arrangements transitions from the upper dynamic ranges to the more subtle, softer design, how do I go from the first map to the "Puffies" maps for tenors and bass. And how do I keep from influencing all of the other parts I've already designed with more aggresive intent?
Puffies are mapped to the same pitches that the regular tenor hits (LH/RH) are mapped to.

If you are using the gigastudio version of the library, switching to puffies mid-score is as easy as entering a mod-wheel controller change. Puffies are right there within the tenor and bass drum instrument files.

If you are using the soundfont version of the library, it's not as simple. Unfortunately, soundfonts aren't capable of the mod wheel layering that gigastudio samples are. So, you may find it most efficient to actually create a separate staff in your score for puffies, assign it to the puffy soundfont program, and write puffy parts there. That way, you'll at least hear the puffy parts in the full playback. Then when you create your parts, you could just copy/paste the puffy parts into the regular staff for the players to see.

hope that helps,
Adam, I did load the soundfonts. Would it be easier for me to simpy go back and load the Gigastudio samples and kind of start over? :shock: :?:
It depends what you are using as your sampler device. If you're using a soundblaster soundcard, you won't be able to load the Gigastudio samples. If however, you are using a program like Kompakt or Kontakt, (other than the Sibelius Kontakt Player), yes - it'd be best to use the Giga sounds.

If you don't have a giga compatible sampler, my suggestion above about creating a separate line for puffies might be the best method.

Your suggestion above then it the right one for me. I'm using the soundblaster soundcard and I have Sibelius 3.0 with their version of Kontakt Player. So in some ways, I'm kind of "stuck" with the soundfont version.

Sounds like a complaint, doesn't it. . .? It's not. I like the product a great deal. :D
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