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So here's the deal, I have just been satationed and I'm getting a job to help teach and possibly arrange at a high school line around here. I have a computer and I am going to buy this program. I am just not sure what other programs I will need to affectively/efficiently use this program. Any help would be perfection. Thanks for your time.

Jonathon McCoy
LCpl United States Marine Corps
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First of all don't be confused about what virtual drumline is. It is not a computer program. It is a sound sample library that you load on your computer and access with either a sampler program or a soundfont compatible sound card. The sampler route is the recomended way to go because your options are greater. Tapspace sells a couple of good ones. I would recomend getting the TapSpace VD w/Kompakt special. I think around $180. This would get you started.

Lots of people have lots of knowledge on this board, so if you have any more specific questions just come back and we'll do what we can.

By the way, what are the specs of your computer? (i.e. processor brand and speed, amount of RAM, Hardrive capacity, and sound card.) These are all things that can help us help you more.

Hope this helps--check back for anything else.

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