Mod Wheel/Finale 2003

Does anybody know how to get Finale to respond to mod-wheel changes within a measure? For example, if I were writing a pattern on tenors where the right hand rides on the rim of drum 3(which uses the mod-wheel), and the left hand is moving around the drums. I cannot get a distinction between the two sounds. Everything either sounds like the rim part on the right with a puffy in the left hand (mod-wheel up) or rimshots on the right and a stick in the left hand (mod-wheel down). I'm using Finale 2003 with Kompakt and the Oxygen 8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One way would be by using a text expression. Just set the playback effect to be:

Type -> Controller -> 1 -> 1. Modulation

Then tell it what value you want to be associated with that.

You will need to use another expression to revert modulation back to 0, or whatever you want.
If I understand what it is you wish to do, it is not possible using the giga sounds. The mod wheel change can be sent using the midi tool. The problem is sending the midi information (mod wheel change) from Finale to Kompakt. You need to allow for the information to be sent and received. While the actual time needed is relatively short, trying to accomplish this between notes as opposed to counts or measures would in all likelyhood create a midi jam.

One option would be to use the sound font files and switch "instruments" for this passage.
Well, if you're going to take that route, just use a different layer within Finale for those parts. Assign that layer to a different instrument in the Instrument window.
Denete, will that work in Finale? Just curious if separate layers would be able to trigger two different mod-wheel positions simultaneously on the same channel. My hunch is that it wouldn't. Granted, that might be how it'd look best notation-wise (split in two different layers/voices).

I might suggest creating an ossia staff above the main tenor staff for the rim part - essentially creating a new staff (sending to a separate channel), and have the drum part (LH I assume) written out on the main tenor staff. Then load a new tenor instrument into a separate channel in kontakt and have that be accessed by the new staff you created. It may seem a little roundabout, but would probably be a cleaner way of sending the midi info. The midi tool/mod wheel change idea would work, but in this type of situation, Ted is probably right in that the controller changes would be occurring too quickly to be accurately rendered. It's one of those rare situations that may require a creative workaround.
With my layers solution, you would be assigning the alternate layer to a different instrument. I guess the implementation would depend upon your method of using Virtual Drumline. The "different instrument" would have the correct sounds that you want.

There are many solutions depending upon how you wish to configure your sampler.
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