Whalecalls and car horns ?!

So, Virtual Drumline includes some nice ambient whalecalls and melodic car horns???

What's up with that?
what sound are the car horns under, i havent found them yet
Congratulations! You found our easter egg! A little taste of the the 'joy' in recording outdoors. :)
It would be kind of funny to include vocal percussion (cha-cha-cha-chutrr-ah-dak-a-ta).
It should definitely include some "dude that lick sucked" vocalizations.

While we're talking about vocals, why not include an entire "Dut Library"?

Including: "dut", "dep", "chut", "hup", "dip", and "dup".

Act now and get "unnnhh" and other grunts free.
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