Whalecalls and car horns ?!

So, Virtual Drumline includes some nice ambient whalecalls and melodic car horns???

What's up with that?
It should definitely include some "dude that lick sucked" vocalizations.

While we're talking about vocals, why not include an entire "Dut Library"?

Including: "dut", "dep", "chut", "hup", "dip", and "dup".

Act now and get "unnnhh" and other grunts free.
It would be kind of funny to include vocal percussion (cha-cha-cha-chutrr-ah-dak-a-ta).
Congratulations! You found our easter egg! A little taste of the the 'joy' in recording outdoors. :)
what sound are the car horns under, i havent found them yet
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