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First I would like to say that the drumline samples are outstanding and working perfectly. I am using Sibelius 3, VD, and the Oxygen 8 midi controler. I am now writing pit parts, and creating a personalized staff for each player, as suggested in your Up Front book. When I go to change the staff from a marimba staff to a five line cymbal staff, I am only getting one small, gong-like sound. In fact, no matter what staff I change to, all I get is the same small, gong-like sound. I have called Sibelius' technical support, and they told me to contact you about this problem because it is the VD sound sets that are messing with the midi-mapping. Please help, everything was going so well until this!


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Jim - glad to hear things have been working well for you. So you're changing your marimba staff type to a 5-line cymbal staff? This shouldn't be affected at all by the mapping we've created as our maps are only applied to VDrumline staff types. You can view/edit the various staff types in House Styles>Edit Staff Types. I may be mistaken, but I didn't think Sibelius 3 came with a 5-line cymbal staff. If so, is this a staff type that you've created on your own?

Also, the small gong-like sound you describe - did you do a program change before this sound (to switch from marimba to cymbals)? Where is this sound supposed to be originating from (soundcard, kompakt, reason, etc)? Is your marimba staff actually using a "percussion" mapped staff type? This may have questionable results since it's most likely a pitched staff (mainly) that you're applying it to. I'm not sure.

In my own experience, when I've tried importing house styles, particularly staff types (for percussion mapping) into Sibelius 3, they've seemed a little glitchy. I'm wondering if you're experiencing similar problems. I'm not sure I can solve your problems, but give as many details as you can about the setup, and maybe we can work through some suggestions.
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