Tempo settings in Finale template

2 questions.
1. I can't seem to change the tempo settings on the VD Finale template. I've only used VD for exercises and cadences up til now, so I didn't have a need to change. But its time for fall show writing. I've been using Finale 2002 for 2 years and never had a problem before. Any thoughts?

2. I updated to Finale 2004 and can't seem to get the sounds to work at all. Is there something different between the two versions for setup? Could it be that I have both 2002 & 2004 on my computer? Please help!
You can turn up the sound on your instruments. If you've loaded them into a soundblaster card, simply open the creative labs MIXER, and turn up the volume. If you've loaded them into a sampler like Kompakt, you can adjust the volume of each individual instrument. It's not a good idea to turn it up too much as it can cause some distortion, but a little bump never hurts.

By some sort of miracle I now have everything I mentioned in my posting working OK. I do have one other small problem. My playback is at such a low volume level that I have to turn the speakers all the way up to hear playback at even a low to moderate level. Any suggestions!?

Thanks for your earlier reply. :D
First Question: Can you be a little more specific? What tools are you using to change the tempo? The metronome tool? Note Expression definitions? What specifically is not working?

Second Question: What platform (Mac/PC) are you running? If PC, do you have a compatible soundcard? It sounds like, if you were able to use it before, that's not the issue. Have you gone in the MIDI setup window and verified settings?
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