Finale 2004 and recording


I'll try and explain my problem as best as I can given
my ignorance of all things technological.

I have Finale 2004. I also have the Virtual Drumline.
I am using a Creative Labs sound card, 5.1

Last year, when using Finale 2003 and the VD, I
was able to do all of my arranging and recording both
of the percussion section's materials and the marching
band charts (with winds and percussion) with no

Currently, I have no problems arranging my percussion
pieces. I can hear the sounds in real time and can also
hear them when I play back what I have written.

Now for the problem: When I go to record a piece,
I can play back the piece and hear the percussion
sounds, but if I send it to someone else who does not
have VD, they hear piano sounds. And yesterday,
after monkeying with the midi set-up, when I record
and play back (through the Creative Play Center), I hear nothing???

What I normally do when I record a piece is to:
1. Save it as a midi file
2. Open it through my Creative Play Center
3. Record it through the Creative Play Center
4. Typically, with 2003, the Creative Play Center
would convert the midi to an mp3 and I'd be off to
the races.

If anyone has some suggestions for handling the presence of
VD and softsynth together, please do let me know. I first want
to be able to record my percussion pieces and then, given the
impendig marching band season, be able to hear and record the
winds and percussion together.

Thank you so much, in advance, for any help you
might be able to offer me.

Take care!

Neal Flum
Associate Director of Athletic Bands
University of Alabama
Hello all!

No need to respond to my post. I obtained
No. 1 Sound Recorder and am able to record
what I need to and how I need to.

Take care!

Neal Flum
Great Neal! If you feel compelled, let us know if you have any tips on making No. 1 Sound Recorder work in your setup as I'm sure there are other users that could benefit from your expertise!

Best of luck with your clinic in Alabama.
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