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I upgraded from Finale 2002 to Finale 2004 mostly because it has the ability to save files as WAV so I can make CD's. However when I save as a wave file it doesn't recognize the VD sounds. It comes out played by a piano([i]pretty strange by the way[/i])
Any advice anyone!
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Finale's "save to WAV" feature is a little misleading. I think that's only available to record sounds that are being played back with Finale 2004's new "smartsynth" sounds. For what it's worth, Sibelius has the same problem in that its record to CD feature only records sounds coming from the Kontakt Player.

It's usually best to use a separate program to record your sounds. There are plenty of freeware/shareware programs that might do the trick, or for more control, you can save your finale score as a midi file, then import it into a sequencer like cakewalk, logic, performer, cubase, etc.

WireTAP is a good one for Mac OSX. I remember hearing about No.1 Sound Recorder for Windows, but I'm sure there are others.

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