Okay so I have had Virtual Drumline for a few months now, and it took me a while to get all the sounds to work, but they do, and I have arranged a few charts. But I had a quirky little problem. After making the instrument list correct in the Finale Template supplied by tapspace, before I can open any other file, I have to open this template first. Otherwise, the sounds do not play. I have looked everywhere to make sure my "preferences" were saved. This was a quirky problem that I dealt with for a couple months.

But today, for no apparent reason, I opened said template, and now the sounds will not play in the template or any other file. I promise you, I have not changed a thing. I haven't even turned on this computer in over a week! I checked all the instrument maps, and they are all correct, I checked the midi thru and all the midi connections and they are correct.


Can you tell us what platform you're running, what operating system, and, if PC, what soundcard?
I'm sorry,

Soundfont/Finale, Windows Xp, Soundblaster Audigy.

Thanks for the speedy response!

By the way, I love the product, it has served me well in this very short time!

sorry one more time:

Finale 2002b

I'm an idiot...

Spiff - This is one of those head-scratchers that would lead me to suggest starting from scratch. My hunch is that it's not a problem with Finale, but perhaps something was altered in your CreativeLabs settings that is causing Finale to be unable to find your installed soundfonts (assuming they're still installed) correctly.

For your Audigy card, how do you load the sounds? Via AudioHQ, or through a different utility like Soundfont Bank Manager?

Are you using the Full, Medium, or Small Vdrumline soundfont bank?

I'd suggest re-loading your soundfont (into bank 001 on your soundcard). Verify which exact device is named as the "Soundfont Device" and make a note of it. You may need to use this as a setting in either Finale's MIDI Setup window, or your computer's "sounds and audio devices" control panel.

When you're sure you've correctly loaded your soundfont, are you able to hear VDrumline sounds from the Creative Labs keyboard by clicking on keys with your mouse?

What is listed for MIDI-OUT in Finale's midi setup window? List the exact name please.

What is listed in your computer's "sounds and audio devices" control panel (under Audio) for "default device" in MIDI Music playback?

Open the Instrument Definition window for the SNARE instrument. Please list every setting in this window (don't worry about what the GM field says...that's not important).

Sorry for all the questions, but when you're using a soundblaster card, all these elements must be entered correctly. One wrong value can cause the whole system not to work.
Okay I've got all the sounds back but I've got a new problem. Now that I'm trying to add new Staves, it automatically brings them up with the SCV Tenors sound mapping in the instrument list. When I change them, it also changes the Tenor mappings. So now my template gets all messed up, and the only different sound I can get is piano. Nothing else plays when I change it! I've tried adjusting channel, program change, bank select and general midi, and of course it changes it for the Tenor staff also.

I'm trying to figure out why, when I add a staff to the template, that it picks SCV Tenors as the default instrument?

please help!

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