Soundfonts in sibelius

I can't seem to get that sondfonts to show up in the devices section under the play menu. If anyone has any hints on where to check that would help a lot!


The Virtual Drumline soundfont isn't actually loaded directly into Sibelius. How are you loading your soundfonts - into a soundblaster card, or a sampler program? Also, which OS are you using (mac, windows)?

The actual Sound Sets are something completely different than soundfonts. Sound Sets are a way for Sibelius to more easily assign sounds. The sound sets included on the Vdrumline CD are only compatible with Sibelius 2, and a version 3 edition should be available from Tapspace soon.

I'm using windows and soundblaster. I can here the sounds but they don't show up in the sound sets box under devices. So I'm completely lost. I'm also using sibelius 3


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