An Odd Problem

OK, I'm not sure if this is a Finale problem or a Kompakt problem so I'll post it on both forums.

I recently got Virtual Drumline and Sibelius 3. I have to get some music written quickly so I'm still working on Finale 2003.

Ever since I've installed VD, I can hear the notes played back while I'm entering the notes and also hear them through Kompakt itself, but when I do playback, I can't hear anything. I've been using Kompakt for a while with its preset sounds with no problems, but since I've installed VD, nothing.

My other problem is that I enter the first note of a measure and the notehead appears normal, but any note after that is a square regardless of what I'm trying to enter.

Any ideas on what to check?

For the Kompakt users, what settings do you have under Setup? Maybe that's where I screwed something up.
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