6" tenor drum sound

Hi - I've been loving all the samples, but the playback of my 6" tenor drum sound is inconsistent. Sometimes it will play the correct sound, and many other times it will play something that sounds more like a dread on the drum. This also happens alot with any of my tenor "rim shot" samples. Any advice?

I had the same problem.

Looking for a quick solution, I simply removed the "next to the loudest" 6" sample from my sampler and extended the "loudest" 6" sample into the range that was previously covered by the removed sample.

I will likely go back and try to figure out what was happening later. It is fine if I trigger it from within the sampler and hear the raw sound, but when used with external triggering (Finale, keyboard, etc.), I get something that sounds like a dredlock or a metallic rim click.

- David
I have a fix for this that I will post soon. It has to do with the conversion from Giga to .nki format. It's definitely not the desired outcome.

Thanks for your patience.
Jim, I get that from time to time with Sound Fonts too. . .
[quote="drumzx"]Jim, I get that from time to time with Sound Fonts too. . .[/quote]

Hmm...can you isolate when exactly it occurs. Is this happening on a Soundblaster card, or using a program?
Just wondering if there was ever a fix to the tenor sound issue that I missed in the forums? Thanks!
If you're using Kompakt or Kontakt, there are updated .nki files available on the Vdrumline support page. Those definitely work better. I haven't heard any other reports of soundfonts having this problem though. Are you using a soundblaster?
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