Requests for future releases...(wishlist)

I'm not sure if you really care to take the time, but figured it wouldn't hurt to have a little wishlist of things that would be cool in VDL.

- "modern" piper snares
- duts
- "Dr. Beat" samples
- snare backsticking or playing with the butts
- two different pitches of 6" drums on tenors
- 8" tenor samples

Take it for what it is worth.

Just thoughts that were going through my head today. A very cool product "as is".
they were
dude, since when have they made a VDpit ?
[quote="scriv"]dude, since when have they made a VDpit ?[/quote]

Here's just a partial listing of some of the sounds included in VirtualDrumline��2. A full listing will be posted soon.
BATTERY INSTRUMENTS (all with multiple mallet controls):
8-person snare line, 5-person tenor line, 6-person tonal bass drum line (solos & unisons), 4-person cymbal line (solos & unison sounds), solo marching snare (kevlar and mylar), solo tenor drums, automatic right-to-left hand alternating (optional), new enhanced mapping for more sounds and functionality, VDL1 mapped instruments for backward compatibility with older scores

TUNED CHROMATIC INSTRUMENTS (all with multiple mallet selections):
vibraphones, marimbas (rosewood and synthetic), xylophone, glockenspiel, chimes, Adams low chime extension, crotales, timpani

Multiple sizes and sounds for concert crash cymbals, multiple suspended cymbals, china cymbals, splash cymbals, hi-hats, ride, wind gongs, tam tams, opera gong, fuyin gong, jing gong, Zil-Bell, concert snare drum, military drum, firecracker drum, concert bass drum, concert toms, impact drum, roto toms

tambourine, triangles, bell tree, sleighbells, slapstick, woodblocks, temple blocks, marching machine, cowbells, ribbon crasher, guiro, rainsticks, shakers, garden weasel, hand claps, brake drums, claves, ratchet, bell plates, earth plates, ankle bells, thundersheet, various whistles, zil-bells, various vocals, metronome sounds, various bird calls, wind chimes, castanets, propane tank, air raid siren

djembes, ankle bells, congas, bongos, guiros, taiko drum, shekere, anklung, timbales, agogo bells, cowbells
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