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After working with the sounds, I have been inspired to use lots of sounds that I might not have normally used. The problem i am having is that i forgot what I was thinking when i wrote certain things and I'm having trouble in general remembering what the different note heads mean.

i am also at the point where i am ready to hand out a chart to my kids. My kids have been reading MY note heads for so many years that they know it like a second language. IE: X's are crosses in the tenor part, etc. I am going to ask them to switch over to VD notation this year. I was wondering if there was a key map that i could download that shows what the different noteheads are that I can hand out to them.


I don't have a map (although I could make one up real quick if you'd like), but with Finale, you can change the noteheads to whatever the kids are used to without altering the way it plays back. Email me or PM me or whatever and I can explain how to do it if you don't already know.
I need a map of the snares and cymbal sounds. If you don't mind...can you hook me up?
e-mail is

I just wanted to make sure that you got my email.
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