Can't hear cymbal sounds in snare voice

I downloaded all the updated .nki and .nkm files from the website, but for some reason when I load them in each time, none of the cymbal sounds that come with the snare voicing don't sound. They put in the correct note head, but don't give me any sound. Any thoughts?

Also, when I load the .nkm file each time, it asks me to locate certain sounds. What should I try to get it to just load each time without needing to search for some of the sounds?
Are you able to hear those cymbal sounds from within your sampler (say by clicking that key with your mouse)? If so, maybe there's a glitch with the percussion mapping in your notation program. What software are you using again (sampler/notation)?

For the problem with the .nkm, maybe try loading your instruments individually (.nki), rather than the multi (.nkm). Then set your channels correctly, and save your own multi (.nkm). Then quit Kontakt/Kompakt and try re-loading that nkm and see if you get the same problem. Those "find sample" messages can be annoying, so you'll definitely want to make sure your instruments and multis are working smoothly on your system.

I can't hear the cymbal sounds in Kompakt either.

I'm thinking of loading them straight off my hard drive again and resaving the .nkm file. I'm using Sibelius and Finale and Kompakt.

Maybe tonight I'll just reload the sounds and save them. I just love the settings that are on the .nkm file from here.
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