Sibelius Updating/VD

Here's what I am running:
Powerbook G3
20 Gig HD

Sibelius 2.1 Upgraded to Sibelius 3.1.0 Build 7


I am trying to update to 3.1.3
First, I went the route of updating to 3.1.1
Then, I updated to 3.1.3

The installers said if updated successfully, but when I open Sibelius it still says it the Sibelius 3.1.0 Build 7. What did I do wrong?

Next Problem:
I have Virtual Drumline (the new template) installed fine. The staff will not respond to the notheads and parts of the staff configured. What did I do wrong?


Tony Lymon
Executive Director
emiNence Indoor PErcussion Ensemble
The first problem with Sibelius might be that you are booting from an old alias which is pointing to a previous version. If you have a shortcut try deleting it and booting from the original Sibelius icon in the folder.

I did a clinic the other day where a user had a similar problem. As it turns out, he had somehow installed the program three times, and it was living in a variety of locations on his hard drive. One version had been registered, the others weren't. So depending on which version of the program launched, he'd sometimes get the message that he wasn't registered, etc.

It might be worth doing a "Find" for Sibelius on your hard drive just to see if there are multiple versions installed somehow. If so, select each file and do a "Get Info" on it to verify which is the most current version.
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