VDL Template not working. Please Help.

I have the latest version of the VDL template installed. I am entering notes with the mouse. When I do this, the notes don't change to the different noteheads specified in the staff styles. I have tried selecting notes in the "Spice Mon" demo and scrolling through the sounds. It will access a few sounds, but not all of them for each instrument. Also, as I scroll up and down with the arrow keys, the noteheads don't change. What am I not doing right?

I am using a Mac iBook G3, Kontakt, and Sibelius 3.


Tony Lymon
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Hi Tony.

I hope I'm not stating the obvious here, but it's important when using a library like Virtual Drumline that you are inputting your notes with a MIDI keyboard. Otherwise, Sibelius won't know which octave/pitch you're truly intending to enter. Since there are so many different sounds mapped to a variety of MIDI pitches, entering the exact pitch will ensure accurate playback.

In Sibelius, once a note is entered, scrolling it up and down the staff with your arrow keys doesn't actually change the notehead. It may also be worth mentioning that the percussion map in our Sibelius template contains several noteheads that LOOK identical. This is due to the fact that Sibelius' percussion mapping will not allow the multiple input/output pitches with the same notehead to share the same staff line/space.

If you want to observe the various noteheads used in the template, select "edit staff types" from the House Style menu. Proceed with caution in this window...changing noteheads/pitches can have nasty affects on playback.
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