playback problem

I have a similar problem to the one JJ had in an earlier topic. I am using Finale 2002 w/sound font version on a PC. When I play back my chart that I'm currently writing from the beginning it goes into odd playback sounds at meas. 19. Then at meas. 20 there are no sounds for the remainder of the chart.
However, if I start playback from measure 15 or after, playback is completely normal!

How much memory do you have on your computer? I'm just guessing, but I think it might be a memory problem.
I have 512MB. I upgraded from 256 when I bought VD
I'd agree that it sounds like a memory problem. Especially since it's playing correctly from somewhere in the middle, it sounds like the computer is getting bogged down at a certain point, whereas a shorter duration of playing time works fine. Could also be related to the speed of the processor and/or the drive speed.

Other information that might be useful would be, does it do this in lots of different files, or just this one? If it only does it in this one file, there might be some inadvertent midi information being sent, such as hidden controller changes, or hidden volume changes attached to note expressions. I've had that problem before.
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