Staff Lines

Hey everyone.

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm a recent Sibelius convert from Finale and I'm still trying to figure my way around. The template included for Sibelius has only the middle staff line for the snare voice. I know how to add more lines in Finale, and I've found a way to do it in Sibelius. However, when I make the change in Sibelius, it loses the voicing of the snares. How do I add the G and D staff lines in Sibelius and still have the playback be unaffected?

Thanks for your help.
I'm not sure about this, but it may require you to create an entirely new staff type. I remember having to do this to create a 5-line snare staff type (which is available in the new Sibelius 3 template). For some reason, you couldn't just add or delete staff lines from an existing staff type. Sibelius is a little peculiar about how it deals with percussion mapping, so if there are questions (or problems) you encounter, I'd encourage you to contact them about it. Their percussion mapping features are very important to working with sample libraries like Virtual Drumline, so the more they realize their customers rely on them, the more of a priority it will be in future revisions.

Do you guys think a 3-line snare staff would be a good feature to add to future Virtual Drumline templates? We can certainly work one up.
Maybe I keep loading the wrong template, but mine only has one staff line for the snares. I'll have to check that again when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the help.
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