No Modulation Wheel/MIDI Cntroller Range


Two questions.

My MIDI keyboard controller does not have a modulation wheel. Is it possible for me to get to the sounds that require it? I am using Sibelius 3 as my notation software. Kontakt is my sampler. Oh, running a Mac G5 1.8 Dual Processor!

Question #2
The range of my MIDI keyboard controller is not as wide as the VD keymap. Is it possible for me to access those sounds outside my range?

Tony Lymon
emiNence Indoor Percussion Ensemble
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Question #1:
Absolutely. In fact, you don't need a mod-wheel on your midi controller in order to hear these features in playback. To do this, all you need to do is enter a MIDI CONTROLLER MESSAGE. Here's what you'd type (as technique text) to tell Sibelius to move the mod-wheel UP.

~C1, 127

Basically, the tilde "hides" this command, so it doesn't print in your score. C1 means "controller 1" (which is the mod-wheel), and 127 is the value (1 would be all the way down, 127 would be all the way up).

To get the mod-wheel back in the downward position, simply enter this command:

~C1, 1

Once you've done these in various spots on your score, it's as easy as option-clicking them elsewhere to copy them.

Question #2:
Most MIDI keyboards should have buttons that allow you to shift octaves up or down which should allow you to access notes outside its normal range. Is this not the case? What type of keyboard are you using?
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