Question about the midi keyboard

I have everything set up for Sibelius 3. Maple tools, Kontakt and such and I am pretty sure that it is set up correctly so that it will work. Now I downloaded a virtual midi keyboard, I am curious if I am not hearing sounds because it isnt possible to use a virtual midi keyboard or not. Do I have to spend 200 bucks on an actual midi keyboard just so I can hear the samples? Or is there something I am missing? I appreciate greatly and help that can be offered.

I have no experience with the virtual MIDI keyboards, but I would think that running it would be a drain on your system while using Sibelius and Kompakt or whatever sampling program you're running.

You can pick up an Oxygen8 keyboard for only $145. It's a great investment.
Can't say I know anything about Virtual Midi Keyboard either. Seems like it would make the note entry process very slow and cumbersome though. Tapspace is also about to start offering the M-Audio Keystation 49e series for around $99. Might be more what you're looking for without breaking the bank...
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