why is it so expensive?

why is it so expensive?
While I wasn't involved in the production process at all, I can only guess as to why it's so expensive as you say.

#1 - Do you realize how many hours were put into the production of Virtual Drumline?

#2 - Have you compared the cost of Virtual Drumline vs. other sound packs? The ones on dssoundware.com are even more expensive. (The sound quality is great though and I can't wait to pick one up)

#3 - Have you heard the quality of the product? Virtual Drumline is by far the BEST marching percussion library I have ever heard. If people are willing to pay $99 for it, why shouldn't they charge $99?

#4 - Have you priced out business software lately? Now that stuff is expensive. The only reasonably priced software (besides Virtual Drumline) these days is gaming software.
[quote="drummermanic"]why is it so expensive?[/quote]

Why is it so cheap?
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