Question about VD setup

Here's what I have: Sibelius 3, Virtual Drumline, Soundblaster, Oxygen8.

As of right now I have the keyboard setup so that I can play the notes from the snare, tenor, bass, and cymbal banks and hear all of them (from the external and internal keyboard). I have Sibelius open and working fine. The Problem: I do not know how to assign the sounds that I hear from my keyboard (virtual drumline sounds) to the notes and symbols I want them to go with in Sibelius. I have heard different things that have not worked. An example was that I was told that you hold down the key you want on the external keyboard and then enter the note in sibelius. This did not work. I am looking for any help I can get because it seems like I am pretty close. I will really appreciate anyone's help.

Are you using the Sibelius template that was included on the VD CD? You can also download one off of the Tapspace website. The sounds are mapped for you, just use the key map from the user guide to inpput the correct sound.

I am using the template but the template is blank and only plays whistle sounds and others when I input notes. At the same time of course I have the whole VD bank in my system and playing out of my keyboard. I appreciate your help but it seems there may be something wrong with the template. Any suggestions anyone? Brett
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