New Virtual Drumline™ .nki (version 1.2) files posted

For users of Kontakt and Kompakt:

Version 1.2 of our .nki updates have been posted on the [b] [url=]Virtual Drumline™ support page[/url][/b]

What's new in this version?
-Cymbals on Snare voice have been improved.
-Kompakt 1.0.2 users will no longer receive the message regarding samples being created in a newer version of Kontakt preventing opening.

Drag this whole "Virtual Drumline" folder to: Kompakt -> Library -> instruments.
Once you've done this, you should see "Virtual Drumline" as an option in your instrument rack.

Drag the file "Virtual Drumline.nkm" to: Kompakt -> Library -> multis.
Once you've done this, you can load the entire multi-file containing all four battery instruments.

Upon loading instruments, if you get the message saying: "CAUTION: This patch is in Kontakt format. It will likely NOT sound as intended," simply click OK and proceed. This shouldn't have any affect on your Virtual Drumline playback within Kompakt.

Note: None of these files contain the sample information that produces audio. They are merely articulation files. Your sampler program may request for you to navigate the path to all the individual wavs that were created when you initially imported the gigastudio instrument. You can either do this manually by clicking the "find" button, or try the "auto find" feature.

Once you've loaded all instruments and located all samples (if applicable), it's recommended that you RE-SAVE each instrument so it's native to your own configuration.

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