Pit Lagging

Greetings all,

I've been working with Kompact and Sibelius for several weeks now and I seem to be able to work through things. Accept for recently, I have come across the problem of my V Drumline stuff, lagging severly behind pit instruments. I for some reason can not get the mallet sounds to play out of Kompact so I'm using the Downloaded pit sounds out of my sound card. I read someone else's stream about kontact but can't seem to put Jim's resolution into use.

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You should be able to get Kompakt's mallet samples to play back as long as you've assigned them to corresponding midi channels in both Kompakt AND Sibelius. Perhaps these settings aren't quite right.

If this isn't the info you're looking for, let us know more specifically, how you are using your sounds (operating system, ram, sampler, soundcard, notation software, driver). Since everyone's setup is a little different, there's not usually ONE solution to any given scenario.

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