Using Sibelius with a laptop and external USB Keypad

For those of you who've been frustrated by the fact that your external USB Keypad doesn't work properly with Sibelius, here's a tip we just found on the Sibelius website.

and another:
I use a Targus external USB pad with my laptop and it works great.
I purchased the Belkin mentioned on the Sibelius site and it works fine. There are a few keys that don't line up exaxly with the "keypad" in Sibelius but all the major ones work fine.
Hey Dave,

I think there were different models by Kensington. I turned in that bug to Sibelius, and I can indeed attest to the problem. The easiest test was in a text editor -- press Shift-NumPad8, and you got an * when you used that pad.

I'm assuming they heard complaints, and switched the firmware. But it indeed existed. :)
Its been a while since this was visited.  I purchased a Kensington myself and had problems.  And now I see why I was having problems.

So does anyone have any opinions on a better keypad for MAC users like myself?  Jim, what do you use if anything?

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer to lug around a wireless keyboard rather than a separate keypad. Something about it feels better to me than working on two separate keyboard surfaces. Maybe not the best use of space but...
That sibelius article (the second one) was a life saver.  I'm new to the Mac platform, and I was making my head hurt trying to find a USB keypad, only to find that the Fn key allows you to acces the num keys accordingly...priceless.  What would I do without this forum?!?!?!
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