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I am a new Kontakt and Sibelius 3 user in Windows. I have the new template and sound sets loaded on my laptop but cannot see the sounds in the devices window. I was previously using Finale and had it set up so I could use sounds from Kontakt and SmartSynth. I want to be able to do the same thing with Kontakt and Kontakt player. Does anyone have any instructions as to how to make Kontakt and Sibelius 3 work together? I've looked on the forum but haven't found an answer to this very basic question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Have you installed the Maple MIDI driver? If not, this will be crucial, as this driver will allow Sibelius to send MIDI info to Kontakt. Read more here:

Once Maple is installed (and running), you should see it as a "device" in Sibelius' DEVICE window. If you've properly installed the sound sets (the new, v3 ones), you should see them as an option in the "sound set" menu. Select the one names "Virtual Drumline (giga/kontakt/kompakt)"

Then, in the MIXER window, you should be able to easily assign sounds to each staff.

I have everything set up now including the sound sets being in the folder in the Sibelius directory. However, I still cannot see the sounds in the instrument list under maple midi 1 device.
To clarify, once you've loaded the Sib3 soundsets into the sounds folder (the ones included with Vdrumline are for Sib2, so you have to download the v3 ones from the tapspace site), here are the steps you should follow (in order):

1) Launch Kontakt (the program...different from Kontakt Player included with Sibelius 3).

2) Load VDL sounds into Kontakt as follows:
Channel 1: Snares
Channel 2: Tenors
Channel 3: Basses
Channel 4: Cymbals

3) Ensure Maple Midi is set to ON in Kontakt's MIDI-IN window. All other inputs should be off.

4) Launch your Sibelius 3 VDL template.

5) Go to the "devices" window and click ONCE on "Maple Midi Port 1" so it is now blue text. This sets it as your default playback device.

6) Still in the "devices" window, next to Maple Midi, there is a "sound sets" menu. It may be set to something like "general midi". Click on this, and it will bring up a menu. Select the option called "Virtual Drumline (giga/kontakt/kompakt)."

7) Click once (to highlight) on your input device in the lower part of the window.

8) Close "devices" window. If you are asked at any point if you want to "reset sounds" this is OK. Say yes for now.

9) Open "mixer" window.

10) Select your snare staff by clicking beneath its slider. To the right you should see some midi settings (device, sound, channel, bank high, program, etc). Devices should already be set to Maple Midi. If for some reason it's not, select it.

11) In the "sounds" menu, scroll down to where it says Virtual Drumline, and select your snare instrument. This should set it to the proper midi settings automatically.

12) Repeat for the other staves.
A question for Adam, You say that to make sure that Maple MIDI is on in the MIDI In window of Kontakt, where is the MIDI in window of Kontakt? Thankyou.
You'll find "midi-in", "midi out" and some other options in the SETUP menu.

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