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I tried this topic on the Sibelius forum but I did not receive any good responses. Basically I need to know how to assign the sounds that I have from virtual drumline to the notes in Sibelius 3. I have....Sibelius 3, the Oxygen 8, Virtual Drumline, soundblaster, and a good computer. I have everything set up from the tutorial on the tapspace site and I can play the virtual drumline sounds through my midi keyboard so that I hear all of the virtual drumline sounds through my speakers. I basically need to know what comes next. How do I assign the sounds I hear to Sibelius notes? I just requested the Spice Mon template (the one that works with windows) but I'm not sure how that works. Hopefully I will receive it soon. Any suggestions. I will really appreciate the help,
I just received the template and it openned correctly. However, I still do not know how to assign the sounds to the template. Any suggestions anyone?
Be sure your soundblaster card is set as the default output device in Sibelius' DEVICES window. If you've correctly installed the latest soundsets from tapspace, you should also be able to assign the "virtual drumline (soundblaster card)" soundset in this window. If you do this, it's important that you've installed your VDrumline soundfont bank into bank 001 of your soundblaster card in order for the soundset to function properly.

You can also tweak any staff midi settings (if necessary) in the "mixer" window of Sibelius.

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