instrument volume balance w/Finale/Audigy

I'm running Finale 2004 with the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card. I've got the VD soundfonts loaded in Bank 001 of the Soundfont Bank Manager.

Question is, can I adjust the playback volume of individual preset patches (ie. bring the snares down and tenors and basses up)? It seems that you would be able to do that when you hit the "Edit Preset" tab on the Bank Manager. There are quite a number of interesting parameters to play with. However, when I change these, it does them for the whole Bank and not just the preset and I don't understand how to save any changes made so that they become the default.

The purpose of these edits would be to control balance for playback of a file with general midi wind and pit sounds along with VD battery sounds. As it is, my timpani and keyboards are too loud, my snares are decent, but the basses and tenors seem nearly inaudible - EVEN THOUGH i've got them at fortissimo.

Any advice appreciated,
Brian Bennett
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