Maintaining loaded Soundfonts

Tap Space,
Thank you for a terrific product!

I am having a problem with [u]maintaining [/u] previously loaded soundfonts on my SoundBlaster Live soundcard:

Each time I log on to my PC (after logging out the previous day), the VD soundfonts are not saved/maintained on my soundcard: I have to re-load the VD soundfonts back onto my soundcard.

Why don't the VD soundfonts stay loaded on the soundcard?
(I have loaded the soundfonts in Bank 001 and 010 - both locations work properly after re-loading [Medium Version].)
How can I save (and maintain) the soundfonts on my soundcard?

Thanks for your help,

I'm not sure. When I've played around with loading the soundfonts into an Audigy PCI card, they've stayed loaded the next time I reboot. You might try contacting technical support at Creative Labs. Since they make this product, they should be more familiar with any special preferences that you might need to have set.

good luck!
This may sound stupid, but did you save the soundfonts to your hard drive?
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