really need help

Ok, first off, thank you to all of those who have posted such detailed information. I have looked over the info on the forums and I feel like I have followed every step, but I can't get VD to work.

Here is what I have:

Dell Laptop, Sibelius (Kontakt Gold), Maple Midi Tools, Kompakt. (no midi keyboard)

I want to be able to play our wind scores and percussion scores together and be able to play them as separate files. Right now, Sibelius works fine with my wind score playback, but the VD thing is KILLING me. Is there something laptop related that is causing a problem?

After following all the set up instructions from the forum, I usually get a Sibelius error: "A MIDI subsystem returned an error: Perhaps another MIDI app is running.:Error 4: the specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free, and then try again."

The percussion files are written on Finale and I am transfering into Sib. Any help here?
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Since you're transferring the files from Finale, I'm wondering if you may already have Finale open in the background when you receive this error message. You should be able to run Kompakt and Sibelius (including Sibelius Gold) at the same time.

When using multiple sources (winds from KPGold, percussion from Kompakt using VDrumline sounds), it's important that you properly set up your device usage in Sibelius' MIXER window. Select each track by clicking on its slider. Then select the "device" from the device pulldown menu. Kompakt will be accessed via MapleMidi, whereas your wind sounds (kontakt player gold) should select "Kontakt Player" as their device.

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