Dinks and Duts

Okay, I put a couple of samples into the mix to see how it would come out. It sounds very much like a live recording. Just the right amount of reverb on the Dr. Beat and the right blend of voices on the duts. I'm pleased.

Here are two mp3 examples.


I don't mean so sound like a jerk, but I used Virtual Drumline.
How did you make those recordings, I would love to be able to do that in my workings!
Try http instead.

I cant the site to work.

-sry i pushed the wrong button and made it a topic instead of a reply
You can work with the files.

There are both AIFF and WAV files on my site.


Use the userid of "anonymous@enete.org" with no password.

- David
Is there ne way u could post the soundfonts of the duts and doctor beat?
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