Dinks and Duts

Okay, I put a couple of samples into the mix to see how it would come out. It sounds very much like a live recording. Just the right amount of reverb on the Dr. Beat and the right blend of voices on the duts. I'm pleased.

Here are two mp3 examples.


Is there ne way u could post the soundfonts of the duts and doctor beat?
You can work with the files.

There are both AIFF and WAV files on my site.


Use the userid of "anonymous@enete.org" with no password.

- David
I cant the site to work.

-sry i pushed the wrong button and made it a topic instead of a reply
Try http instead.

How did you make those recordings, I would love to be able to do that in my workings!
I don't mean so sound like a jerk, but I used Virtual Drumline.

i was wondering if you could tell me how to use the dinks and duts, i know you have to go through VDL but how ? do you make them a sound font, and go from there so bassicly im asking how do i get the dinks and duts ito what i write

Does anybody have a soundfont of a break drum??
Brake? Break? Broken?
To answer the question on how to use the duts, I just took the sample and dropped it into Kontakt. No need to create a soundfont or anything like that, it just plays.

- David
ok what happens if i dont have and dont use that program im just runniing the sound fonts through my sound card

am i just out of luck :(
Brake Drum My Bad
Well drum master, I don't know...but, here is how you can find out.

Read about creating a soundfont.


Download Vienna Soundfont Studio and get to it.


That cracks me up man. How in the world did you get the duts and Dr. Beat in there?
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