puffies and rims


How do i get the different sets of each of the samples to play on the same score?

For instance...I am writing a tenor part and I want to write in rims...how do i set everything up so that i can write the rim notes in on the same staff as the rest of the notes?

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Simply enter them in with your midi keyboard. If you are using the preformatted Finale or Sibelius templates from Tapspace, you should see that when you enter in a rim pitch (from your midi keyboard), it automatically places on the staff in the right spot with the right notehead.

Puffies are another matter as they are mapped to the same notes as the regular hits. How you access them will depend on whether you're using the Soundfont version or the Gigastudio version. With the giga version, all you have to do is enter a mod-wheel controller change. With soundfonts, you have to access those sounds from a different soundfont instrument/channel.

You'll probably find it helpful to study the different keymaps included with your Virtual Drumline CD help file, and reading up on entering controller changes in the instructions.

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